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Product summary

As a traditional Estate Agent and Property Management company, The Property Shop offers a number of products, some of which will be of interest depending on your relationship to the property market.

Of interest to
Property Sales Property owners wishing to sell

Property Management Property owners wishing to let on a long-term basis (The Property Shop does not manage properties on short-term lets, e.g. for tourists)
Property Watch Property owners wishing to have their empty property well looked-after.

Conveyancing Property vendors and Property purchasers who need help in the process of completing the sale/purchase of a property. (See note)
Property Finder Prospective Property purchasers whose requirements are specific enough to warrant commissioning The Property Shop to seek out potential properties.
Valuations Property owners or their agents (e.g. solicitors, insurers, mortgage lenders etc) who need a realistic market value of their property.
Surveys Property owners wishing to have their property examined and described in detail.

Note: The Property Shop does not offer mortgages, nor can we offer financial advice. Currently, the only mortgage lender on St.Helena is the Bank of St.Helena (see External Links)

Note: Offering conveyancing services on a commercial basis is curently prohibited by the St.Helena Government. See Conveyancing for an explanation.