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Product : Property Management

Property ManagerHere is where you can find out what The Property Shop can do for you if you are wanting to let your property on St.Helena on a more or less continuous basis.

While the service is probably most useful to absent landlords, there is no reason why a local landlord cannot benefit hugely from hiving off the landlord's duties to a competent organisation like The Property Shop.

Property Management is a great deal more than just serial letting. A property manager acts as an agent for the property owner, filling the role of go-between between owner and tenants, and, if given the responsibility, making decisions on the owner's behalf, acting always in his/her best interests. Here's what you can expect if you let The Property Shop manage your property:


Download the Property Management Product Brief in PDF form (22 kB) here.

(*) The Property Shop cannot provide financial advice such as would support an application for a mortgage in a buy-to-let purchase arrangement.