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St.Helena photo gallery The Sea Front Jamestown
The Sea Front Jamestown


Retired news items

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Headline Description Date
MOU Memorandum of Understanding and the implications for landholding 12 March 2011
SHG website Revised SHG website with more content (External) 17 March 2011
Immigration Ordinance Landholding update (Immigration Control Ordinance 2008) 12 August 2009
LDCP SHEIS and the Land Development Control Plan 6 March 2008
Land Disposal Policy Proposed Land Disposal Policy 18 December 2007
Landholding Policy Government issue interim Landholding policy 2 March 2007
Addresses Addressing of properties on St.Helena 20 February 2007
Landholder rights Brief look at landholder rights and non-islanders buying property 16 February 2007
Problems solved Server problems solved 6 December 2007
Recommended Recommendation from Legal, Lands and Planning Department 1 March 2007
Announcement Announcement in the press 9 February 2007
Launch Launch of The Property Shop web-site 1 February 2007

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